Eric Henderson’s approach to design blends the personal with the practical. The San Francisco and Hawaii-based interior designer delivers an enduring aesthetic that exudes a sense of easy sophistication. “Clean lines with touches of playfulness is our signature,” Henderson shares. “We create organized, symmetrical floor plans where the furniture layouts encourage conversation when occupied or contemplation when on your own. Comfort is always incorporated into the design, where every movement is anticipated.”


These thoughtful nuances have distinguished Henderson Design Group and propelled the design firm into notable expansion, including the recent opening of the San Francisco Design Concept Studio, a retail showroom bordering San Francisco’s Design District. “This studio follows a similar concept in Hawaii, which has been instrumental in the success of the company,” he says. Drawing inspiration from a love of color and nature, Henderson’s work aims to be felt as much as it is meant to be seen. “Design expands, uplifts and changes people’s hearts. It is an opportunity to align with what is authentic for each of us,” he says.